What’s your driving force?

What keeps you going everyday? What makes you continue to get up and put one foot in front of the next? What is it that motivates you or makes you say “gotta get up and get going”? Is it out of pure habit, or are you living life on purpose and with high expectancy? Hey, if we’re honest, we’ve all had those mornings where we’re like…”NOOOOOO!!!”, especially to the sound of that alarm clock, or we may have even uttered the words, “ok, here we go again” (in that mundane tone of voice). However, an alarm has been going off in my spirit that’s saying before I put one foot on the ground, give God thanks for letting me see another day, and praise Him in advance for the strength He’s giving me to get through and enjoy it! See in doing so, I’m acknowledging the fact, first and foremost, that God, I can’t make it through this day, or any other, without You! I need Your guidance. I need Your strength. I need Your protection! Give me wisdom and knowledge of how to go about this day! Go before me God, make my paths straight. Don’t let me dash my foot against a stone. This is my heart’s cry everyday. See, I realize that no matter how tough things may be in Iife, I know and trust that God’s got my back,and my life rests in the palm of His hands! He’s brought me through so much already, and His track record has proven “perfect” time and time again. Like the old song says…”Nobody told me, the road would be easy, and I don’t believe He’s brought this far to leave me”. That song rings true today, and my driving force is knowing that God is always with me. He said He’d never leave me nor forsake me (Heb. 13:5). He has a divine purpose and plan for my life, in which I’m walking, and that’s steady revealing itself everyday. That’s what motivates me and keeps me putting one foot in front of the next.

Keep God and the purposes He has for you to carry out, each and every day, at the forefront of your life. Allow that to be your driving force. We were all created to extend and demonstrate the love of God, so let’s me and you pray this together, “God I accept the love You have for me. Help me so that I may lovingly show it to others. I repent for where I’ve missed it, and help me to begin again”. See, no need to feel condemned, be hard on ourselves, or let anyone else put condemnation on you. It’s that simple! Now get busy showing God’s love on all you come in contact with today. Whether through a smile, an encouraging word, a helping hand. This will only build that driving force within you, and now, your words every morning can be “Ok God, let’s do it again”! šŸ™‚

Love ya!

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