You’re Graced To Do It

I really find it so utterly AMAZING how God works and thinks in a way that’s so not like us!! Lol!! I mean, it’s interesting how He knows just the right position or where to have us at a given point in our lives, that steadily makes us turn to Him and be like, “ok what”? I’m understanding how God will allow us to be positioned somewhere different than what we may have originally thought for ourselves, only to get us out of ourselves. See we often times think, this would be better if “I” was here or there, or if “I” was doing this or that. BUT….God says, “you” are not the one who’s doing “it”! OUCH!!! So humbling right?! Where He has us, is the place He wants us so that we realize and can say, “it’s not me, it’s all God”! When God elevates us, it should almost baffle us to the point where we’re like, “God, this was all You for real, cause me in and of myself, cannot or could not have done this”! The thing is, it may not have been the route we would have chosen, but He sees the kinks that’s going to prevent any future success, and what climate to put us in to work it out!!

We have to remember, in whatever state we’re in, God has graced us to be there. It applies to both ends of the spectrum, whether you have reached a point of elevation and status that you’re like, “how in the world did I get here”, or if you haven’t quite reached the level you’re attaining for, and you find yourself thinking, “I should be there by now”. God has graced you to do exactly what you’re doing, at this moment in your life, and “you” had or have nothing to do with it!! Lol!! We have to make sure we are constantly asking God, “what do You want me to do”, “how should I handle this”, “give me wisdom to know how and the strength to go through”!! That’s the position he wants us to be in and to remain. It gets us out of “self” into realizing we need “help”. God Himself is that Help!! Psalms 46:1 tells us that, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”. Let’s allow Him to continue to be that “very present Help”! Cause let’s face it, we need Him and where would we be without Him?! Can we say this together…”where He leads me, I will follow”. Now that’s what I call living and abiding in His grace!
> Love ya!

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