A Thoughtful Reminder

I was driving down the road, taking a stroll in a bit of a slight rain shower, and a little melody popped in my head, you may know it…”Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain”. Then immediately I was reminded, “Veronica, even when you’re in the midst of rain and facing stormy weather in your life, you must keep singing, keep praising”! I can’t allow the enemy to steal my song to The Lord. Oh yes, he tries in every way possible, to quiet the voice that will magnify and glorify God. But during that drive in my car, I decided to sing! I sang and I sang, all while remembering Who blessed me to be able to lift my voice in praise. Who created me to sing songs that would lead others to lift their voices in adoration to Him? Who gave me a voice that would usher in God’s presence and create an atmosphere of worship, love and healing? In that small space and time, I remembered, God made me to sing to Him and declare His glory. I chose to open my mouth, while driving in the rain, and sing songs that would lift my spirit towards Him.

Upon ending my singing stroll of solitude, I stopped at a traffic light, right before turning on the road that leads home. There was a car in front of me, and the most beautiful words of remembrance were inscribed along the border of the car tags, which, thoughtfully, settled so sweetly on my heart…”YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN”. Tears filled my eyes as I opened my mouth and softly whispered, “thank You Lord”. In that drive, because I chose to lift my voice in remembrance to Him, He turned right back around to say that He notices and He sees me.

Dear friends, let me remind you today that, “you are not forgotten”. God is watching, and has been, from the very beginning. Your steps are being ordered by Him. Open your heart and allow Him to guide you even more, even through the rain, remember Him. Sing songs that give praise to Him, and I promise you, He will hear and will prove to you, like only He can, that He’s always listening, seeing and noticing your every move. You are the apple of His eye, and He remembers you.

Love ya!

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