A Prayer from My Soul

You said You’d never leave me nor forsake me. I’m standing on that God! You said You’d provide for my every need. I’m standing on that God! You said seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things would be added unto me. I’m standing on that God!! I put You in remembrance of Your word and Your promises, and Your word cannot lie! I am Your child, a joint heir with Christ. You own the cattle on a thousand hills. The earth is Yours, and the fullness thereof. I have joint ownership with You Lord. I know that You know what I have need of, even before I ask. I know that you don’t want me to be anxious for anything, but to yield to You in prayer and make every fiber of my being to trust completely in You.

So that’s what I do….I trust You! My soul waits on You! You said if I exhalt You, The Word, then You would promote me. I understand that promotion comes from You, and You alone. I stand on Your Word, I stand on Your promises! I will not faint, for I know I will reap, in due season. I believe the season is near, but help me endure these light afflictions, for I know you will deliver me out of them all! I will see manifestation of my heart’s desire! In the midst of my everyday goings and busyness, I’m acknowledging and seeking You for direction. Speak to me. I incline my ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to me. So I settle my spirit, so that I may accurately hear. Thank you now, for Your overwhelming peace that floods my soul. Where You lead me, I will follow.

Love ya!

One thought on “A Prayer from My Soul

  1. Thank you for the word today. Every word every sentence revived my soul. A message I needed to hear today. Thank you Lord for what you’re doing in my life. Lord I just want to THANK YOU for being who you are! !!!


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