Just Start Thanking Him

I went to my kitchen the other day, and felt like having a snack, so I grabbed one of those little zebra snack cakes. (Ummm so good) I walked in my bedroom ,where my 1 yr old, Brayden, was sitting in the middle of my bed. Well don’t you know he caught a quick glimpse of what I had in my hand, his eyes lit up, and he immediately started saying, with high expectation….”TANK OUUUU, TANK OUUUU”. 🙂 LORD, that word dropped immediately in my spirit…”Just begin to thank Me, and see won’t I pour out a blessing you won’t have room to receive”! Don’t you know I couldn’t resist giving him a piece of that cake? He was so confident that he was getting something of what I had in my hand. I freely and lovingly gave him,not only one, but probably two or three pieces of that cake. Guess what he did after that…a bouncing happy dance!! Lol!!

Somebody betta catch your word, right there….just start thanking Him!! God is ready to pour out humongous blessings into our lives. More than we could ever ask or think! Just remember to remain in that state of my sweet little Bray…once you catch a glimpse of what you want, get in high expectation of it, and with great confidence, start thanking Him for it!

Love ya!!

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