God’s “Now” Time

Have you ever felt as if your life were going in circles, or as if you were getting nowhere with any of the things your heart so desired? I have. Have you ever heard yourself asking God questions like, “When is it my time”, “God where are You”, “Do you even hear me”, “When will I experience breakthrough”? Oh how I have mentally wrestled with these questions, time and time again, however I heard something in my spirit today which I would like to declare over your life. I drove into the drive-thru of one of my favorite coffee shops, and on the menu, there was a category that said, “A Bounty of Seasonal Flavors”. Well, immediately, I saw and heard it different in my spirit, from God, that this will be “A Bounty of Seasonal FAVORS”!!

God was letting me know that His timing is EVERYTHING, and there’s nothing like moving in sync with his “NOW” time. When the wait seemed like forever, and that I would never see any kind of manifestation of my visions or dreams, I had, and still have to realize, that I’m operating on God’s time clock, and that He’s bringing all the right pieces together. The things is, while we’re waiting in what seems like a really dry period of wandering in the wilderness, we must look at and understand it as a time of preparation. Oh yes that wilderness experience can consist of a time of whaling, moaning and groanings in our spirit, and a time of trying to come to grasp with what God is doing. But, I say to you, GET READY AND BE READY, for you are entering into God’s appointed “NOW” time. The season is NOW! Say it with me, “My season is NOW”! When you get that revelation in your inner man, you must begin to take faith actions and steps that are “NOW”! What does that mean? It means, you’re actively cooperating with God in knowing that this is your “NOW” season. God has said “NOW”, so we agree and actively walk in it. We make moves that are aligned with what He’s saying the purpose is for this “NOW” season.

Friends, when God has given you the go ahead, the approval, the permission to move out in your “Bounty of Seasonal FAVORS”, the question then becomes… “What are you going to do”? May I make a suggestion? “WALK IN IT”! Here’s an idea of how that WALK should look:

-Welcome and receive this “Now” season with gladness
-Activiate steps that are ordered by God
-Launch out into the deep, with the confidence and the ability of God
-Keep eyes focused on God and His plans

I’m excited about what God has planned for your “NOW” season! Let’s WALK in and through it together, shall we? Let’s keep this scripture in mind while we’re WALKing, that “in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:6 KJV). Be encouraged today, and boldly WALK into God’s abundant blessings and favors for this season of purpose…and do it “NOW”!

Love ya!

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