Don’t force it…lean back

God uniquely showed me something the other day. He showed me how my life is a living testimony and will speak and show evidence of his power, love and glory. My life, lived out, expressed and demonstrated, before men, will draw them towards the saving grace of God. The thing is, I have to allow God to show forth freely and deal with the hearts of men, how He wants to do it. I just have to be willing to let God direct me and be ready to flow with Him. He knows exactly how to speak through me so that my life will be a mirror that reflects His image.

I realized how, even though we get so excited about moving forward in the things of God and bringing others into the knowledge of Him, we must remember to keep seeking God for His lead and His way of approaching various situations. Every situation or person is not the same, and we have to be sensitive, especially when it comes to dealing with winning souls for Christ. Just because we may have become familiar and comfortable in a particular way of operating, doesn’t mean that particular approach is going to work the same way with the next person, and we must take extra precaution that we aren’t forcing a thing. God is so loving that He doesn’t force anything on us. He lays out the one and only consistent saving grace message before us, but His method or way of delivering it may be different and unique, to His making. He knows each individual personality so well and knows exactly what each person is feeling, much better than the individual himself, and therefore knows how to specifically present The Message to where the person will be receptive to what’s being said and will understand the heart behind it.

So, God just dropped this phrase in my spirit the other day, while engaging in an opportunity to let His glory show, through my testimony of living day to day life, which said simply, “Don’t force it…lean back”. 🙂 In other words, don’t go about it hard hitting to where you run people off, but just speak naturally, from the heart, and My words and presence will come alive and speak LIFE into the individual and meet them right where they are, in the particular stage or season of their life. I kept thinking, “God, I see You”! 🙂 I sensed His presence and how His approach was very different and much better to the situation at hand. Let me tell you, can’t nobody do it better than God!! Lol! He is just AMAZING, and you’ll find He will work wonders when you allow Him to move by His Spirit. He’s just God like that!  🙂

I guess I will take this opportunity to reinforce the nice little hunch God gave to me, when it comes to moving out in acquiring souls or reaching towards the things of God, and please allow me do it with this scripture that says:

“Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God” (Philippians‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭AMP‬‬).

Or, again, in the words of the God hunch given to me…”Don’t force it…lean back”. 🙂

Love ya!

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