Here’s The Word

So I was at my kitchen table the other day and decided to play BINGO Sight Words with my boys, Bryson and Brayden. I would call out the words on the card, and then both of them would place their chips on the word, if it was on their card. I would begin by picking up the word and would proceed to say things like, “Ya’ll ready…ok” or “the word is….”. Well apparently, my 3 year old, Brayden, was paying close attention, because once it was his turn to call out the words, he imitated what He had seen taking place. However, the difference was, once he picked up a word, he couldn’t read what was on the card. So instead, he would pull the card, look at it, lift it in the air and proceed with the loud and exciting, most bold declaration of…”HERE’s THE WORD”! 🙂 I, would then look at the word, read what it said aloud, told him where to place it, and after he put the card in it’s rightful place, he would then move on to get the next word. The hilarious part was that, each time, it was the same thing, with the same proclamation of…”HERE’s THE WORD”! He said it in such a way that I couldn’t shake it. I found myself moving around the house, then all of a sudden bursting out with…”HERE’s THE WORD”! 🙂

Well, it stayed in my spirit, and I kept thinking there is a message in this…Lord what are You saying? God then reminded me of the word He personally gave to me during my time of worship the other day. He simply said, “Yield to Me”. It settled so strongly that I needed to yield myself even more to God, and to Him alone, in every facet of my life. See, God has been making clear how I am to go and be about His business of Kingdom work, and how I am to represent Him and His standards wherever I go, in whatever arena He places me. The thing is, I must constantly keep in mind, it’s not about me, and I have to keep my entire being yielded to His purposes and what He is requiring of me. When I put myself in this position of complete surrender to Him and I remain in a posture where I’m open, ready and willing to hear and do what He says, I am then in a place where I’m cooperating with God and allowing Him to move and flow through me. He’s then able to position me where He chooses and can trust me to carry out His divine assignment.

So this became more clear in the game, with Brayden, when I took a closer look at what exactly was taking place. Every time Brayden declared, “HERE’s THE WORD”, that indicated to me, that’s where it starts, with the Word, and God Himself is The Word. Well, what happened after I told Brayden what the word said on the card? He heard and received instruction on exactly where to place the word, on the chart that was assigned to Him. Even more and most important, he ready and willingly yielded to the instruction of what to do with that word, thereby positioning him to receive another word and instruction for its assignment.


Everything becomes clearer once we start with God, The Word, and allow Him to instruct on how He wants us to go about carrying out His purposes throughout the earth. We must hear Him for the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, and maybe even on occasion, get the “why” He wants us in the place He has chosen. Our job is  to be ready and keep a life yielded and sold out for Him.

“Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭6:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Love ya!


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