Not my will, but Yours be done

Not my will

On one of these good days the Lord has made, I found myself taking care of things around my house, that just couldn’t be put off any longer, and in the middle of me doing that, my oldest son, BJ, stops me and ask, “Mom, you wanna come up and sing and make music with me”? Now, truthfully I was thinking I’m busy at the moment, not right now, however I responded, “OK BJ, give me 5 minutes and I’ll be up there”. Now, if you’re a mom of several little ones, like myself, you are very familiar with the next scene I’m going to describe to you. So…as I climbed the stairway, one step at a time, I reached the top, (moment of transparency) only to discover almost the entire upstairs looked as if a tornado had ripped through some of the rooms, including the one I was to go in and make music with my sweet BJ. Now I have to admit, even though BJ was in position at the keyboard, playing, ready to have a jam session, my mind and next few words turned me into “Sergeant Mommy”, if you will. “Bryson!! Get all of these lego pieces off the floor”, “oh my goodness whose pj’s are those over there”, “why is this trash here and there”, “pick this up”, “turn that light off”!

Now…the next thing that took place is the entire reason for this post. My son, BJ, saw and could feel the seriousness and passion in my tone and could sense that this is what his mom wanted or “willed” for him and his brothers to do, so much so, that he stopped immediately what he was doing, playing those lovely chords that “he willed” for me to come along side him and sing, and instead, his next words were…”you know what, never mind, I’ll do it”. I did a double take to make sure that’s what I heard him say, and he was like, “I’m gonna help clean it up”. Right away, he started thoroughly picking up everything, in several rooms.

Now wait…see…I can hear some of you now, “awww why didn’t you go over there and sing with BJ”, “take time out with your son”, “the mess will be there, get to it later”, “they’re only under your care for so long, they’ll be out of the house before you know it”. Trust me, every single one of those thoughts came to mind, which is why I even went upstairs in the first place, to make music with my son. However, something else needed to take priority, in order to fully enjoy, sit comfortably in and receive all that would come from sharing a nice, musical, mommy & son moment. My will for us to share a moment in a peaceful and clean environment, needed to take precedence over what he wanted to do right away, but might not have reaped the full benefit and result, without, first, dealing with or clearing away the mess.

Now mind you, BJ and I make music often, however, the message in that really hit home for me. Can I honestly say those words that Jesus said to His Father, knowing what was set before Him and asking God to take it away from Him…”nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done” (Luke 22:42). Can I wholeheartedly say this and move forward in action, laying aside my will and the things I want to go about doing, the way I want to go about doing them? Will I do what God wills for me, the way He wants, even if it suddenly trumps my immediate desires?

This is what the Lord requires of me and you, to lay our will down and, instead, choose what He wills for our lives. You know, I’ve found that when we learn and practice implementing this lifestyle of surrender to Him, it makes things flow a lot smoother because we’re choosing to let God figure and position our everyday, as He sees fit. It frees our mind, as well, from the stress of feeling as if we have to do it all, plan out every detail or know what’s around the corner, because the truth is…we’re not God! He’s God, so we don’t have to play that role at all. He’s got this! So let’s, first, take care of God’s business, in trusting Him to handle ours, which then allows us to bask in and enjoy a lifetime harmonious relationship with Him. A relationship that will prove to be altogether enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling!

Love ya!

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