It’s all because of Him

The following lyrics from one of Mary Mary’s songs has really hit home for me as of late and they are so very much…on point:

“I try, but sometimes I fail

Now I realize that I need your help

Cause I can’t make it all by myself

I need you, you, you”

See, that’s just it. “I” can never do anything “all by myself”! That’s just not the way God designed it. He made us to coexist, in this world with Him, to have fellowship and relationship with Him, to seek Him for our next steps. The reason why I am where I am in my life, right now…is all because of Him! He’s put a GRACE on my life to handle, take care of and do what I need to do…only through Him. He’s shown MERCY and gotten me out of messes and mishaps that I brought on myself, thinking it was “me” maneuvering my way, but because of mercy…I give all praise to Him. It’s because of His FAVOR, that I’m positioned where I am and that He’s allowed me to have any positive impact or influence…that in turn, glorifies Him.

This my friends, is what God doesn’t want me or you to forget. He wants us to always call upon, cry out to, rely on, and depend on Him. We don’t move or do anything in our own strength…that’s where we’ll quickly miss it. But thank you God for reminding me…that it’s not by might nor by power, but by Your Spirit…that is Your word…and Your word is truth, and Your word is life. My existence…is all because of You. This I will forever keep afore front, and it’s You, that I will constantly acknowledge in all my ways, because, like the songs says…”I need You, You, You”! 🎶

Let’s remember, we’ll always need Him to be who He created us to be. We serve a great God, and if we’re gonna be and do great things, here in this world, we only do it…with, for and through Jesus Christ Himself! That’s what I call living a great life, in sync with Jesus. Now you and Jesus, only how He designed it…GO LIVE YOUR GREAT LIFE! 😁👌🏾

Love ya!

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