In Step with Him

When you are in relationship with someone, you become very familiar with every aspect of that person.  You know their personality and their character, so well, that if someone told you something about that person you’re in relationship with, and it seemed to be contrary to the way that individual would act, you’d maybe say something like, “That doesn’t seem like Bob”.  If someone told you that your child said something, and you knew it didn’t sound like him or her, you might firmly and confidently protest, “Oh no, not my child”!  A mother or father may find themselves in a crowd of rowdy and rambunctious little children, but if their child all of a sudden cried out, “Mommyyyy…Daddyyyyy”, they would immediately recognize their child’s voice and respond to the need.

You know, something I’ve discovered over the years is that it is no different with God.  Being in a close, tight knit relationship with Him, I have come to understand and sense His promptings, and when He is speaking.  I’ve heard and immersed myself, consistently in His word, to know what sounds like Him and what doesn’t.  I understand His way of delivery and how He operates with me when He wants to deposit or reveal the hidden things.  My relationship with Him is so real and intimate, to where I’m able to take heed to instruction coming directly from Him. Friends, this is where God wants us to be with Him.  He wants us to know His voice and His ways so well, that our spirit should bear witness or agree with what’s being said and the manner in which it comes across, or to be able to test spirits behind a thing and know, like 1 John 4:1 says,  “whether they are of God”.  He wants to share things with us that will lead into the paths of righteousness.  He wants us to get to the point where we know we’re receiving divine direction from Him, and also to where we can trust Him with His instruction.  It’s all in getting to know Him and building that relationship to where you become sound, secure and assured in Him.  Your entire existence should be centered on your being in constant fellowship with your Creator.

Let’s take comfort in these words from Psalms 32:8 AMP, “I [the Lord] will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you”.  That, alone, is very reassuring, especially when we’re doing our part in seeking Him daily for guidance.  He has said that He will counsel, give advice or His opinion as to what we should do concerning our very lives.  He is watching our every move, and will check us as to whether we’re right or wrong, in making sure we are in step with His divine purpose and walking into the destiny He so desires for us.  He knows just what, when, where and how to keep us along the track of His ultimate leading.  It’s not always for us to figure out or to assume, but for us only to trust He has us exactly where He wants us, to get what only He can get to us, however He wants to get it to us.  Can we rest today, knowing that God’s got everything all under control?  When we can honestly say we’re searching and seeking Him for answers, we can take our hands off of it, knowing that it’s the Lord’s doing, and with His eyes upon us, guiding our every move, we can boldly declare… “Where He leads me, I will follow”.

Love ya!


Don’t Give Up!

Yes, hell is breaking loose all over this world, and every kind of attack may be trying to wreak havoc all in and around your personal life, but please allow me to emphatically say this to you, that now is not the time to give up! Please hear my heart, but every time I see the horror on the news, every time I feel my fleshly nature or feelings trying to takeover and rule, I hear the Holy Spirit urging and nudging me…”Pray, quiet your spirit and draw nearer to me”. Why is it important that we do this? Because it’s URGENT that we stay close to God in times like these. It’s important that we hear and know what is the role He wants us to play in these last days. The enemy wants to distract us, with petty things, but we must be aware enough to notice when we’re being moved by things that don’t matter, especially when compared to the condition of our soul.

I keep hearing the words…”DON’T GIVE UP, DON’T GIVE UP”! Friends it’s time to hold fast to what we know the Truth to be, and that is Jesus is on His way, and it could be any day now. Get in Jesus, and stay wrapped up in Jesus! Romans 8:22-23 says, “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.”  Everything is converging and chaos is breaking loose because,yes, it is the Final Countdown. The countdown to Jesus’s arrival! The signs are telling! It is so compelling to see how Bible prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes, and only if you’re in Christ and in the word, will you know and understand the reason for these things.

In the words of my mother, “get a possum grip” on the word, your faith, your salvation. Like the song says, “hold to God’s unchanging hand”. No turning back now! Don’t fear all that’s going on in the world, for God has not given us a spirit of fear, according to 2 Timothy 1:7, but of power, love and a sound mind. Don’t get sidetracked by doubters, unbelievers, and the naysayers, for we know their being used by the enemy. Don’t lose sight of the mission, which is to win souls for Christ, before it’s too late! Don’t lose sight of where we’re headed because we know this earth is not our home, and finally, please keep these words in your heart and spirit…”Don’t Give Up”!

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭21:28‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Love ya!

Which Way?

Life is full of choices and decisions that we have to make, each and every day. Some are big, and some are small. Some come easier than others, when drawing and forming conclusions. However, I have learned, over time, how important it is to include God on the decision making process. You may ask…”why”? Well, let’s just say that God knows, better than we do, what choice will result in having the best outcome. Let’s not forget, He knows all and sees all. He knows the end from the beginning. So we can draw the conclusion, from knowing this much about God, that He will be The Best Person to consult on any matter.

You know, one thing we have to be careful of, is to not get caught up in our own set of smarts or skills, and thinking that we know best how to handle particular things that come our way. Sometimes we can be so sure of “ourselves”, to the point where God has to remind us that He, “Himself”, is orchestrating all of this. Come on let’s admit it, sometimes we just get all in the way! We think we have everything lined out on how this should go and how that should go. Well, my friends, I received a nice little check/conviction, in the wee hours of the morning, by way of Proverbs 16:25 KJV, which goes as follows:

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death”.

Now, that was the King James Version, but let’s say we take a look at how The Message version puts it, shall we? Brace yourself…let’s read:

“There’s a way that looks harmless enough; look again – it leads straight to hell”.

Ooooooooooooweeee!!! Ya’ll still with me? Well if that ain’t putting it where the rubber meets the road. I mean there it is right there, in our face, how sometimes, in our own eyes, our way of thinking or seeing things may appear to be “ A, OK”, “sound”, “sure”, “reliable”, or even “justifiable”. But, the question is… “Which way does it lead”? Does it put us on a path that leads to life or death? The wonderful thing about God is, He provides the answer, when questioning, “Which Way?”! It’s good to know that we don’t have to have it all figured out, because God holds every answer to every need and every concern. One of the best choices we can make, today, is to get on our knees before God, realizing He is The Way, in knowing which way to turn, which area to focus and which move to make or not to make. He will not steer us in the wrong direction, as long as we remember to seek Him for guidance. Let’s not be so sure in and of ourselves, because we are very apt to getting it wrong and missing the mark. But can we say, “Thank God for the “check””? See, we know we’re making progress when we can thank Him for the correction, right? 

Friends, let God lead you today. Allow Him to nudge and give unction on the necessary actions He would have you to take, because, operating this way, of seeking The Way, makes it much easier in knowing, which way. 

Love ya!

The Secret Place

How are you feeling today? Has your day gotten off to a good start? Are you feeling fresh, brisk, on top of the world, like you can conquer anything that comes your way? Or, you may be feeling the very opposite today…dull, tired, wanting to crawl under the covers and not come out for a few days because the world seems to be on top of you, to where it has you all heavy and burdened down. You know, feelings can be tricky and deceiving, and we do have to get to the point where we’re not moved and governed by our different emotions. A lot of times, this can be easier said than done. Some days are better than others right? Hey, we’re all growing and learning here.

One thing I know for sure is, when it seems as if my emotions are trying to get the best of me, I have a secret place where I can go and vent, pray, scream, yell, cry, laugh, sing and give praise. It’s a place where I can be free to express my inner most thoughts to the One Who cares the most. I have found that God is the best One to turn to with any questions, doubts or concerns I may have at any given point in time. He understands way better than the next person. He knows where it hurts the most. He knows where I’m the most vulnerable and when I really need His overwhelming comfort and presence. There’s nothing like knowing I can always run to Him when I’m feeling as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders. He is always there, waiting to lift the load and carry it for me.

I want to encourage you, right now, wherever you may be, at this very moment. Let this scripture flood your soul, and read it out loud, so that you hear it, the enemy hears it, and it will sink deep in your heart. Ready let’s read:

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust” (Psalm 91:1-2).

Friends, when you’re feeling overtaken by your emotions and it seems as if all is lost or that you have nowhere to turn, hear me when I say, turn to that secret place of the Most High. When you can’t get a grasp of what’s taking place all around you, run to The One Who knows exactly what and why things are transpiring the way they are, and He will give you a peace like no other. Go ahead, call on Him. Say, “God, I need You. Help me! Save me! I can’t do this on my own. I need Your guidance and direction. Help me to focus and keep my eyes on You, knowing that You will come to my rescue. Where you lead me, I will follow.”
Now trust Him with what You’ve just released and given over to Him. Whatever it is, it’s already done. God has taken care of it. Your job now is to rest and abide in The Secret Place. It’s already alright! Hold your head up and just begin to give Him praise. He’s got you my friends. Be blessed today!

Love ya!

God’s “Now” Time

Have you ever felt as if your life were going in circles, or as if you were getting nowhere with any of the things your heart so desired? I have. Have you ever heard yourself asking God questions like, “When is it my time”, “God where are You”, “Do you even hear me”, “When will I experience breakthrough”? Oh how I have mentally wrestled with these questions, time and time again, however I heard something in my spirit today which I would like to declare over your life. I drove into the drive-thru of one of my favorite coffee shops, and on the menu, there was a category that said, “A Bounty of Seasonal Flavors”. Well, immediately, I saw and heard it different in my spirit, from God, that this will be “A Bounty of Seasonal FAVORS”!!

God was letting me know that His timing is EVERYTHING, and there’s nothing like moving in sync with his “NOW” time. When the wait seemed like forever, and that I would never see any kind of manifestation of my visions or dreams, I had, and still have to realize, that I’m operating on God’s time clock, and that He’s bringing all the right pieces together. The things is, while we’re waiting in what seems like a really dry period of wandering in the wilderness, we must look at and understand it as a time of preparation. Oh yes that wilderness experience can consist of a time of whaling, moaning and groanings in our spirit, and a time of trying to come to grasp with what God is doing. But, I say to you, GET READY AND BE READY, for you are entering into God’s appointed “NOW” time. The season is NOW! Say it with me, “My season is NOW”! When you get that revelation in your inner man, you must begin to take faith actions and steps that are “NOW”! What does that mean? It means, you’re actively cooperating with God in knowing that this is your “NOW” season. God has said “NOW”, so we agree and actively walk in it. We make moves that are aligned with what He’s saying the purpose is for this “NOW” season.

Friends, when God has given you the go ahead, the approval, the permission to move out in your “Bounty of Seasonal FAVORS”, the question then becomes… “What are you going to do”? May I make a suggestion? “WALK IN IT”! Here’s an idea of how that WALK should look:

-Welcome and receive this “Now” season with gladness
-Activiate steps that are ordered by God
-Launch out into the deep, with the confidence and the ability of God
-Keep eyes focused on God and His plans

I’m excited about what God has planned for your “NOW” season! Let’s WALK in and through it together, shall we? Let’s keep this scripture in mind while we’re WALKing, that “in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:6 KJV). Be encouraged today, and boldly WALK into God’s abundant blessings and favors for this season of purpose…and do it “NOW”!

Love ya!

Just Start Thanking Him

I went to my kitchen the other day, and felt like having a snack, so I grabbed one of those little zebra snack cakes. (Ummm so good) I walked in my bedroom ,where my 1 yr old, Brayden, was sitting in the middle of my bed. Well don’t you know he caught a quick glimpse of what I had in my hand, his eyes lit up, and he immediately started saying, with high expectation….”TANK OUUUU, TANK OUUUU”. 🙂 LORD, that word dropped immediately in my spirit…”Just begin to thank Me, and see won’t I pour out a blessing you won’t have room to receive”! Don’t you know I couldn’t resist giving him a piece of that cake? He was so confident that he was getting something of what I had in my hand. I freely and lovingly gave him,not only one, but probably two or three pieces of that cake. Guess what he did after that…a bouncing happy dance!! Lol!!

Somebody betta catch your word, right there….just start thanking Him!! God is ready to pour out humongous blessings into our lives. More than we could ever ask or think! Just remember to remain in that state of my sweet little Bray…once you catch a glimpse of what you want, get in high expectation of it, and with great confidence, start thanking Him for it!

Love ya!!

A Prayer from My Soul

You said You’d never leave me nor forsake me. I’m standing on that God! You said You’d provide for my every need. I’m standing on that God! You said seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things would be added unto me. I’m standing on that God!! I put You in remembrance of Your word and Your promises, and Your word cannot lie! I am Your child, a joint heir with Christ. You own the cattle on a thousand hills. The earth is Yours, and the fullness thereof. I have joint ownership with You Lord. I know that You know what I have need of, even before I ask. I know that you don’t want me to be anxious for anything, but to yield to You in prayer and make every fiber of my being to trust completely in You.

So that’s what I do….I trust You! My soul waits on You! You said if I exhalt You, The Word, then You would promote me. I understand that promotion comes from You, and You alone. I stand on Your Word, I stand on Your promises! I will not faint, for I know I will reap, in due season. I believe the season is near, but help me endure these light afflictions, for I know you will deliver me out of them all! I will see manifestation of my heart’s desire! In the midst of my everyday goings and busyness, I’m acknowledging and seeking You for direction. Speak to me. I incline my ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to me. So I settle my spirit, so that I may accurately hear. Thank you now, for Your overwhelming peace that floods my soul. Where You lead me, I will follow.

Love ya!